Username and password to login to reserved area

Informations about login

  • If you are a student or graduate student, username is S + serial (es. S1991234);
  • If you are a worker, your username is P00 + serial for serial with 4 digits (eg: P009876), P0 + serial for serial with 5 digits;
  • If you are a collaborator, your ysername is X + serial (es: X123456);
  • If you have forgotten your password, go to the recovery form;
  • If you can not recover the password with the automatic recovery form, submit a request using the HELPDESK. (Will not be considered requests not accompanied by a photo ID);
  • The default password assigned is tempggmm+ where gg and mm are the day and month of birth and the + char complete password.

Information: csi@univpm.it

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